6-Year-Old Girl In Sarawak Hospitalised After A Mascara Pen Was Shoved Into Her Privates

Doctors initially suspected that she was sexually assaulted.

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A six-year-old girl in Bintulu, Sarawak was hospitalised on Monday, 8 July after having a mascara pen shoved into her privates

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See Hua reported that the incident, which happened last week, took place at a longhouse in Tatau, Bintulu. 

According to Sin Chew Daily, the case is being investigated by local police following a report lodged by her grandmother. 

The girl had been playing with makeup that belonged to a female relative at the time of the incident

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According to China Press, the female relative became angry after catching the six-year-old playing with her makeup.

Sin Chew Daily reported the girl as saying that she was asked by the female relative to remove her underwear before the mascara pen was shoved into her privates a few times as punishment.

The incident came to light after the girl was found to be bleeding from her privates by her grandmother during a bath.

The six-year-old was then sent to a clinic in Tatau for examination.

Doctors initially suspected that the girl was sexually assaulted following an examination

According to See Hua, the girl suffered swelling in her privates and was referred to the Bintulu Hospital for further examination. 

However, Sin Chew Daily reported that while there were wounds in her privates, no semen was found in the six-year-old.

At the time of writing, the girl's family members are discussing the possibility of taking legal action against the female relative who injured her.

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