Woman Discovers A Worm In Her Foot After Not Wearing Shoes On A Port Dickson Beach

The 31-year-old could feel the worm moving in her foot when she slept at night.

Cover image via Facebook/Nurul Ezzatul

A Malaysian woman who walked barefoot on a beach in Port Dickson recently contracted a worm infection in her left foot

On 2 July, Nurul Ezzatul Akma took to Facebook to share her experience during a vacation in Port Dickson recently.

While on holiday, Nurul and her family decided to spend time at the beach where she went barefoot.

A week after her vacation, the 31-year-old started noticing bumps in her left foot

Nurul revealed that she did not take it seriously as she thought it was just a blister.

Five days later, she noticed a red curvy line in her left foot and decided to visit a masseuse as she thought it was a nerve problem.

"I thought it was just a nerve problem and decided to get a foot rub. I did not even feel any pain at all during the massage," Nurul shared in her post.

Image via NextShark

After visiting the masseuse, Nurul's foot began to itch terribly and she could feel a tingling sensation when she slept at night

She explained that it felt as if something was moving in her foot.

Nurul sought help on Facebook by sharing an image of the protruding red lines on her foot.

Netizens urged Nurul to consult a doctor immediately as they suspected there was a worm in her foot, based on a similar incident in the past.

Image via Facebook

After visiting the hospital, the doctor confirmed that Nurul had indeed contracted a parasite in her foot

According to NextShark, her condition was diagnosed as Cutaneous larva migrans, a parasite that is shed from infected dogs or cats faeces and thrives from living in beaches or sandy areas. The parasite usually enters an intact skin, causing a bacterial infection to develop. 

Nurul shared that she was prescribed a medicine that will last three days, adding that if her condition continues to persist after a week, she has to consult a dermatologist to get the worm removed.

The 31-year-old asked for everyone to pray that her condition will improve. She even urged the public to always wear footwear when travelling as "we do not know what we step on whenever we're outside".

Image via Facebook

On 7 July, Nurul took to Facebook to give an update on her condition

Image via Facebook

She expressed her relief that she can no longer feel the worm moving in her foot.

"Thankfully, I can no longer feel the worm moving when I sleep at night. All that remains now is the itchiness and the faded line in my foot," said Nurul in her recent post.

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