Govt Wants To Launch Compatibility Test For Couples. Here's How Malaysians Feel About It

Singles can take the test too.

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Earlier today, 9 July, Segambut Member of Parliament Hannah Yeoh said that the government is considering an online compatibility test for singles and dating couples

The Women, Family, and Community Development Deputy Minister said, "most couples rush into marriage without first knowing themselves or their partners well enough", as reported by The Star.

This voluntary quiz will help couples test if they are a good match before getting married.

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"Misunderstanding is the main cause of marriage breakdown among young couples," Yeoh citing a study

She continued, "For women, one third of them cited misunderstanding as reason for divorce followed by unfaithful and irresponsible husbands".

"For men, almost half of them cited misunderstanding as reason for divorce, followed by interference by in-laws and infidelity," The Star reported.

Following the announcement, here is how Malaysians have responded to the quiz:

Several Malaysians think that the compatibility test might help reduce the number of divorces

However, some think that the test is a waste of time and even compared it to a BuzzFeed quiz

Meanwhile, others think that marriage is a matter of privacy, and is not up to the government

Yeoh has since responded on Twitter that the test is about self-discovery, and not an exam to pass in order to get married

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