64-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Stealing Money From A Blind Tissue Seller

"How could any human to do this despite how poor one can be?"

Cover image via Channel NewsAsia

A 64-year-old woman in Singapore was arrested on 9 May for stealing money from a blind tissue seller

Facebook user Jessica Vincent shared about the incident, which occurred at Yishun MRT station on 30 April.

The netizen was alerted that something was amiss when she heard a cry for help coming from a tissue seller sitting on the ground

Image via Facebook

The victim, who was blind, explained that someone had snatched her bag containing her earnings for the day.

A bystander quickly chased after the suspect.

However, the woman argued with her and claimed that she did not steal anything.

The suspect.

Image via Channel NewsAsia

The suspect then fled.

"I went over to check and comfort the blind lady. Everything happened too fast. I wish I could have done more," the netizen wrote.

"This poor blind lady has been sitting (for) probably the whole day... How could any human to do this despite how poor one can be?" she added.

A week after Jessica made a police report, officers from Woodlands Police Division were able to identify the thief

The 64-year-old woman was arrested at Woodlands Street 12.

If found guilty, the suspect could be fined and jailed for up to three years, Channel NewsAsia reported.

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