7-Year-Old Boy Tries To Bring Biscuits To School As 'Bekal' To Help Mum Save Money

The mother has clarified that her family is not facing any financial difficulties, as it was just a misunderstanding between her child and her.

Cover image via @nadiya.hayati (Tiktok)

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Recently, a heartwarming video of a boy trying to bring a container of biscuits to school as bekal gained widespread attention online

In the TikTok video shared by his mother, Nadiya Hayati, she mentioned that she saw her son, Zachary, trying to hide something in his school bag.

She then found out that the young boy had packed three biscuits in a small container, and was intending on bringing it to school to eat during recess, instead of buying food at the canteen.

"He said he wants to bring this (the biscuits) because he wants to save his pocket money," read the caption displayed across the video.

When Nadiya asked her son why he wanted to save money, as she had never told him to do so, Zachary initially hesitated and tried to avoid answering. Eventually, he said it was because he didn't want to buy anything.

Upon further prompting from his mother, the boy finally answered, "Because we don't have much money."

According to Nadia, Zachary nibbled on the edges of the biscuits in order for them to fit into the small-sized container

In the video, Nadiya also asked Zachary how he had managed to make the three square biscuits fit into the small round container.

Surprisingly, the boy replied that he had eaten part of the biscuits in order to make them fit.

The boy also further affirmed that he would not use his money and would instead only eat the half-eaten biscuits at school.

Netizens were deeply moved by Zachary's actions, with many of them leaving comments on the video to praise the primary school student

"Your son's character is a by-product of good and sincere parenting. May he grow up to be humble and genuine," said one user.

"He thinks maturely. It is good to see kids like this. He thinks first before acting. He is a good-hearted person," praised another user.

One user also praised Nadiya by saying, "He is too mature to [be thinking] like this. Trust me he will become a good son. You raised him well."

Following this, Nadiya also took to her Instagram to reassure netizens that her family is not facing any financial hardships

"No, we don’t really have financial issues.

"[I assume] he answered like this probably because I might have declined some of his requests by telling him I don’t have enough money or something like that. So please stop making up stories," clarified Nadiya.

Watch the video here :


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