[VIDEO] Group Of Friends Come To Aid Of Injured Elderly Motorcyclist By The Roadside


Cover image via @syakirbelon4.0 (TikTok)

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Recently, a heartwarming video showing a group of friends helping an elderly motorcyclist who injured himself in an accident has gone viral

In the video posted on TikTok, the uploader, Syakir Belon, mentioned that they found the man by the roadside near Istana Negara, sitting on the ground in distress around 5am sometime last week.

The group felt compelled to approach and assist the man, who was shivering likely due to the rain and had sustained injuries from the mishap.

Syakir shared that the elderly man was by himself.

According to Syakir, the elderly man seemed to be suffering from dementia

"He believed that it was five in the evening when it was five in the morning with a still-dark sky," said Syakir.

In a caption plastered across the clip, the TikTok user also stated that the elderly man claimed that he was on his way to meet his child near the road that leads to Istana Negara. 

Syakir added that he and his friends had offered to take the man to a police station; however, the man refused as he did not want to burden them

They further noticed that his phone battery had drained and upon checking his motorcycle, they also discovered that the brakes were malfunctioning.

In the video, Syakir was also seen offering his sweater to the elderly man to stop his shivering.

"In the end, we managed to bring this uncle to the police station in our car while one of us rode his motorcycle, recognising the potential danger if the uncle were to ride the bike himself," said Syakir.

The video ended with a caption that read, "Alhamdulillah, we managed to send him to the police station for further assistance. We pray for ease in all his affairs."

Watch the video here:

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