23-Year-Old Woman Choked To Death After She Stuffed 3 Choco Pies In Cake-Eating Contest

The contest was being held at a bar.

Cover image via Daily Mail & Daily Star

A 23-year-old woman choked to death after she forced three choco pies into her mouth during a cake-eating contest earlier this week

According to Daily Star, the woman, identified as Alexandra Yudina, was a paramedic.

She was taking part in the contest where she had to eat three cakes as quickly as possible along with two other participants. The cake-eating contest was being held at a bar in Moscow, Russia.

Alexandra, who was known to her friends as Sasha, started choking after emptying her plate. She collapsed after gasping for breath with her mouth still full of cake, reported Daily Mail.

According to the reports, while bar staff and some of her friends who had medical qualifications rushed to help the 23-year-old, they failed to clear the blockage in time.

Image via Daily Star

Initially, she had not planned to take part in the contest

The trained paramedic, however, decided to join in when the content started, reported Daily Mai.

The three participants were each given three choco pies with a marshmallow filling.

Sasha reportedly stuffed two of them into her mouth at once after eating the first, causing her to choke.

Image via Daily Mail

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