A Chinese Baker Makes Buns That Actually Look Like Fruits And We're Confused Too

She first came up with the idea of making buns look colourful and artistic for her daughter to eat.

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A baker in China has gone viral for baking buns that actually look like fruits

Chen Yuping makes steamed buns look like different kinds of fruits including durians, bananas and watermelons.

The talented female baker works at Xinyi Handmade Bakery in Guizhou province.

According to Next Shark, Chen first came up with the idea of making buns colourful and artistic for her daughter to eat as she is known to be a picky eater.

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Other than using flour, Chen also adds fruit and vegetable juices into her bread

According to Chen, she adds those ingredients to make the buns more flavourful and nutritious.

“Many kids don’t like to eat proper meals so I want to make something that can improve their appetite, and is nutritious as well,” she said as reported by SCMP

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Netizens were amazed by how the buns actually look like fruits

Image via Youtube

Many were impressed at Chen's creativity while some actually thought they were fruits before realising the fruits were soft and spongey. 

"My mind would be so confused when I eat these."

"I spent half a day watching this, and it turned out to be buns."

"What a creative and wonderful mum."

"Why is it like sponge? I have never seen that."

Chen also conducts classes to those who would be interested to learn how to make the realistic looking fruits.

You can watch the video of Chen here:

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