Grab Driver Allegedly Punched 63-Year-Old Because She Was "Asking Questions"

He allegedly spat near her face and punched her jaw.

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A Grab driver who allegedly punched an elderly woman near KL Hospital has recently been suspended by police pending investigations

Following a viral tweet yesterday, 27 June, the 63-year-old's daughter posted a screenshot of the ride and shared what took place during the incident.

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The woman had booked a Grab ride to visit her husband in the ICU ward of HKL and upon entering the car, had asked a few questions to reconfirm that it was her ride

The driver then allegedly lost his cool and told the woman, "Tengok number plate tengok number plate" (Look at the license plate).

The woman then replied: "Saya cuma tanya je, kenapa awak sombong sangat?" (I am merely asking, so why are you so arrogant?) 

She then began to get out of the car to find another ride.

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Image via TodayOnline

It was at that moment that the Grab driver made several rude remarks to her about her "old age"

"Kurang ajar kau, dah lah tua bangka" (You are so rude, even though you are so old), he allegedly said.

The lady then replied that he did not look that young either, as he too had several white hair.

According to the girl, the man then got out of the car, walked over to her mother, spat near her face, and punched her jaw.

At that moment, a guard approached them and the driver allegedly panicked and left the scene.

As proof of her mother's injury, the girl posted a photo of a declaration letter signed by a medical officer that stated "alleged assaulted, sustained soft tissue injury"

Image via Twitter

Her tweet has since received over 11,100 retweets. 

Grab Malaysia had also responded to her tweet saying that it has supplied all of the information to police for investigations.

You can read the full tweet below:

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