A Kelantan Boy Locked His Mum Out Of Her Car So He Could Play With A Handphone In Peace

He didn't want to be disturbed.

Cover image via Malay Mail (edited)

Imagine being locked out of your car by your kid so that little rascal can play with your handphone in peace?

That's exactly what happened to a mother in Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

She was locked out of her car by her toddler who didn't want to be disturbed while he was playing with his mother's smartphone, reported Malay Mail.

The kid apparently didn't want to be disturbed.

Image via Malay Mail

The boy was afraid of having the gadget taken away, so he decided to hide in the car and locked it from inside

The mother had to call for assistance after he ignored her requests to let her in.

The Fire and Rescue Department were called to break into the car to rescue her son.

Image via Malay Mail

According to Malay Mail, the child was rescued safely

However, during the "rescue", the boy was intently glued to the handphone's screen, unperturbed with whatever the firemen were trying to do to get inside the car.

Firemen personnel can be seen improvising to unlock the car.

Image via Malay Mail

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