Someone Used A Dead Woman's Photo To Show Their Support For Najib

The woman has been dead for years now.

Cover image via Ayah Ngah/Facebook & NDTV

Apparently, a Facebook account under the name of 'Zunaidah Zain' used a photo of a woman, who died three years back, to show support to PM Najib following the US DOJ lawsuits linked to 1MDB

Screenshot of the account.

Image via Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman/Facebook

The said account is no longer available on Facebook

Malaysiakini reported Rita Abdul Rahim, a friend of the dead woman, whose photo was used by the fake Facebook account, claiming that her friend died three years ago. However, her photo was used in a Facebook account that defends Najib.

This screenshot shows 'Zunaidah Zain' saying the people should support PM Najib, using the hashtag #RespectMyPM #BelieveinPM

The dead woman whose photo was used is Syuhada Baharudin, whose Facebook account has been memorialised after she passed away. Syuhada's last Facebook activity was on 8 June 2014.

However, dead Syuhada is not the only victim of fake Facebook accounts used by people to show their support to Najib.

Even national debater Mifzal Mohammed's photo was also used without his consent to attack Youth group Challenger spokesperson Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman.

"His photos have been used by multiple accounts to attack me.," Syed wrote on his Facebook profile yesterday, 27 July.

"Like seriously, how stupid can they get? Do they really think i don't know my debate colleagues?" Syed added in his post where he also shared screenshots including that of one 'Nazreev Najeeb' who told him on Facebook, "empty minds make the most noise".

In his Facebook post addressing the issue, Syed wrote, "Disgusting. It's not the first & [sic] it won't be the last." He was referring to the misuse of the dead woman's photo to defend Najib online.

"Sejak kebelakangan ni, kita boleh lihat betapa desperate Team Najib untuk menonjolkan "sokongan" rakyat terhadanya sampai sanggup gunakan hundreds if not thousands of Fake Accounts to puji puji on his page," reads his Facebook post.

Following the US DOJ lawsuits linked to 1MDB, social media platforms saw several hashtags trend. While supporters of BN Government used pro-Najib hashtags like #RespectMyPM and #BelieveinPM, critics used #MalaysianOfficial1:

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