A Father In China Sold His Daughter For RM47,500 Then Used It All On Female Livestreamers

He is now facing child trafficking charges.

Cover image via China Daily & Daily Mail

A father in China sold his little girl for 80,000 yuan (approximately RM47,500) so he could tip his favourite female livestreamers

The father, known by his surname Lu, reportedly claimed that his wife had disappeared on him, leaving him alone with their two children, one son and a daughter.

So he decided to sell his daughter as he could no longer afford to raise both of them, reported Daily Mail on 12 November while citing a China-based newspaper Strait Metropolis Daily.

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He is now facing child trafficking charges

While he sold off his daughter in February this year, the case was reported on Tuesday.

According to the China-based newspaper, the father, who is from the province of Fujian, was introduced to the buyers by two middlemen.

The buyers, known by their surname Chen, live in the city of Fuzhou, which is 110 kilometres away from Lu's hometown of Putian, the English daily reported.

The couple/buyers suffer from fertility problems and after their son died in 2017, they hoped to adopt a child. When the Chen family met with the father for the first time at the beginning of the year, they immediately decided to adopt his daughter after seeing her pictures and videos.

In February, they drove to Putian to pick up the girl.

Daily Mail reported that the Chen family then paid the father 80,000 yuan (USD11,400) in the name of "nutrition fees" and signed an "adoption contract" with the father.

After having made the "trade", the father then splurged the money on female vloggers who hosted live shows on video platform Kuaishou

However, the deal made between the father and the Chen family came to light in May when they tried to apply for an ID for the girl using a fake birth certificate.

Following the discovery of the case, the People's Procuratorate of Jin'an District in Fuzhou have now pressed charges against the father and the others.

Image via China Daily

Parents selling their babies has been a persistent problem in China:

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