Ex-Nurse From S'pore Steals A Bali Resort's Pet Kitten & Allegedly Strangles It To Death

The 31-year-old man took the kitten from the resort's locked office through its window.

Cover image via Utama Villa Tulamben (Facebook)

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A resort in Bali has lodged a police report against a Singaporean man for stealing their pet kitten and allegedly strangling it to death

The resort, Utama Villa Tulamben, publicly shared the details of the animal cruelty allegedly committed by the man, who formerly worked as a nurse at one of Singapore's public hospitals, Sengkang General.

The resort identified the man by name and provided details of his stay at their premises.

According to the resort, the six-week-old kitten, which belonged to them and was staying in their office premises under the supervision of their staff, never had any negative interactions with the man.

The resort found the lifeless body of the kitten on the morning of 6 June, with a cable tie around its neck, inside a yellow plastic bag

"Our adorable six-week-old resort kitten, Monkey, was tragically found lifeless on 6 June. She had been callously thrown over our resort's boundary wall in a yellow Prime supermarket plastic bag, with a cable tie tightened around her neck, suggesting strangulation. This senseless act of cruelty has left us devastated," Utama Villa Tulamben wrote in their Facebook post on 15 June.

For context, Prime is a supermarket chain in Singapore.

Based on their CCTV footage, the resort wrote they observed a series of suspicious events involving the 31-year-old Singaporean guest

He was caught on camera repeatedly trying to break into their office past midnight on 5 June. The guest gave up after almost an hour of trying to break in and failing to grab the kitten.

However, on the morning of 5 June, at around 10.30am, the man succeeded in grabbing the kitten that was sleeping inside the locked office. He had forcefully pried open the window of the office.

CCTV screengrab, showing the man taking the kitten through the office window.

Image via Utama Villa Tulamben (Facebook)

The man was caught on camera holding the ginger-white kitten after grabbing it from the office and walking towards his room

The next day, on the morning of 6 June, the resort found the lifeless body of the kitten near the guest's room, on the other side of the boundary wall. While the resort does not have footage of him killing the kitten, their CCTV captured suspicious activities minutes after the man grabbed the kitten on 5 June.

According to the footage recorded on two CCTVs, a yellow bag was seen being thrown out from the guest's bathroom. The bag landed on the neighbouring property.

"No other individuals were present where the bag was thrown," the resort wrote.

The man seen walking to his room while holding the kitten.

Image via Utama Villa Tulamben (Facebook)

The man initially denied taking the kitten, but after the resort showed him the CCTV footage, he eventually admitted to taking the kitten

Although, the man claimed that the kitten had run away and he was searching for it around the premises. His claim was not corroborated by the 12 surveillance cameras on the property.

The resort added that while they did not catch the guest in the act of killing the kitten, they wanted to make the relevant evidence public to allow others to judge for themselves.

"We are aware that we do not have actual footage of him killing the kitten as the privacy of our guests is of the utmost importance to us. Nevertheless, our CCTV cameras did record moments of suspicion and we urge you to review the CCTV footage to draw your own conclusions," read the statement.

The footage of the yellow bag being thrown out can be found below:

The resort has since lodged a police report against the man

In a written complaint, the resort detailed that the man is currently the subject of a police report lodged in Bali, where the authorities are investigating the case for breaking and entering, theft, and animal cruelty.

At the time of writing, there have been no further updates on the case, with the man leaving the resort a day earlier than scheduled, where he was staying with his girlfriend.

The resort's full post can be accessed here:

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