What Are Malaysians Fighting For? These 31 Signs At #Bersih4 Demand Putrajaya's Attention

"Siapa takut 'bersih', memang kotor."

Cover image via Judith Yeoh & Tang Ruxyn

The two-day long Bersih rally saw a massive sea of people clad in yellow in various parts of KL. Thousands of people came out in support of Bersih 4.0, asking PM Najib to step down, following his alleged involvement in the scandal-laden state fund called 1MDB.

Image via Tang Ruyxn/SAYS

Holding various placards with messages ranging from peaceful to provocative, they calmly thronged the city streets, letting their vocal signs do all the talking. SAYS Team highlights some of them below.

Image via Tang Ruyxn/SAYS

1. The message in these signs is loud and clear:

"Step down Najib. Step down Rosmah."

Image via Judith Yeoh/SAYS

2. And it only gets louder (and clearer) in these:

3. Because...

"Where there is cruelty, there will be resistance."

Image via Tang Ruyxn/SAYS

4. For critics of Bersih, there couldn't be a better response:

"Those who fear Bersih are 'dirty'."

Image via Tang Ruyxn/SAYS
Image via Tang Ruyxn/SAYS
Image via Tang Ruyxn/SAYS

5. Because at the end of the day...

6. And if this protest fails, it's natural for them to go on 'strike'

Image via Tang Ruyxn/SAYS

7. After all, the Rakyat's intentions are pretty clear:

8. And their messages are provocative enough

8. Because, after all...

9. And what do they want Putrajaya to do?

10. They know that the police are oppressed people too:

Image via Tang Ruyxn/SAYS

11. And they are not scared to voice their opinions:

Image via Tang Ruyxn/SAYS

12. They do understand the irony of their situation:

Image via Tang Ruyxn/SAYS

13. However, their priorities are pretty sorted out:

14. And they don't hesitate from calling people as they are:

15. Amidst all of this, there are also people who want to let Putrajaya know that there's nothing bad about the rainbow flag

Image via Tang Ruyxn/SAYS

16. Because at the end of the day, all Malaysians want is...

Image via Tang Ruyxn/SAYS

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