This 93-Year-Old Granny Had The Most Gangsta “Dying Wish” And The Police Were In On It

The old lady who had never committed a crime before wanted to experience being arrested.

Cover image via Pam Smith/Twitter

A British granny was arrested in the UK because she wanted to experience being on the wrong side of the law

Josie Birds, who had not committed any crime throughout her life was arrested on 23 June by one of the UK's largest police forces. 

According to The Guardian, the arrest took place because it was the 93-year-old's dying wish to experience being arrested while she still has the strength to do so.

It all began a few weeks ago when the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) from the North Manchester Division was approached by a member of the community with an unusual request

“The woman mentioned that her 93-year-old grandmother had a request on her bucket list that she was hoping GMP would help her fulfil," GMP said as reported by SCMP.

“The request was for the grandmother to be ‘arrested’ and be taken to one of our police stations so she could experience what it was like to be on the wrong side of the law," the police added. 

According to Chief Inspector Denise Pye of the force’s City of Manchester division, the police wanted to support the old lady's wishes by giving her a day to remember

“The focus of our Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) is heavily driven by our community and how we can support them … On this occasion, and for a short period of time, we were able to fulfil the wishes of an elderly lady, and give her a day to remember," said Denise in a statement issued.

“We want the community to feel reassured in our presence and comfortable in approaching any of our officers when they see us out and about," he added.

“We’re glad to see that we were able to make an elderly lady smile and tick one thing off her bucket list.”

Denise also reassured the public that during the short visit, it did not impact the officers carrying out their duties in a wider area.

Pam Smith, Josie's granddaughter posted a tweet online thanking the police for helping her grandmother fulfil her wish

According to the tweet, she thanked the police for arresting Josie as her grandmother's health is failing and she wanted to experience an arrest before 'it's too late'.

She added that GMP had made an old lady "very happy" and that Josie thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“She is quite poorly and wanted to do something like this while she still has the strength to enjoy it. She’s been good all her life (she says …) and wanted to have an experience to remember! She’s a star," Pam said as reported by The Guardian. 

According to The Guardian, this was also not the first time such an incident occurred

In March this year, 104-year-old Anne Brokenbrow had her wish fulfilled of being arrested by the police from her care home in Bristol.

“I had a lovely day, it was interesting. Nothing like that ever happened to me before. They put the handcuffs on, I had the lot," said Brokenbrow. 

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