KLIA2 Security Guard Told Chinese Tourists To "Balik China" Because They Couldn't Speak BM

The incident was witnessed by Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) councillor Amy Tnay yesterday, 5 September.

Cover image via Amy Tnay/Facebook

A security guard at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) was heard telling Chinese tourists to "go back to China" yesterday, 5 September, because they could not speak Bahasa Malaysia (BM)

Amy wrote in a comment that the men in the photo were security guards in the airport.

Image via Amy Tnay/Facebook

The incident was witnessed by Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) councillor Amy Tnay at the immigration counter in KLIA2. 

Amy recounted her experience in a Facebook post yesterday.

The Chinese tourists were asking for directions to the KLIA2 Flight Transfer facility using Mandarin

According to Amy, the final destination of the tourists was Penang.

However, one of the two security guards in Amy's photo demanded the tourists to speak in BM instead.

"I don't understand Mandarin, speak BM. If you're not good at speaking BM, go back to China!" the guard was quoted as saying by Amy.

Angered by the incident, Amy said she then stepped in to help the tourists.

Following the incident, Amy wrote that she has lodged a complaint to the Tourism Minister and the Director of Immigration

Amy is also chairman of the Central Women Section in Sarawak United Peoples' Party (SUPP).

Image via SUPP News Portal

Sin Chew Daily reported Amy as saying that airport guards and officials determine tourists' first impression of Malaysia. 

She added that efforts of the government to expand the country's tourism will "go to waste" without the cooperation of airport employees. 

Malaysia Airports have responded to the incident after conducting an investigation on ground and through the CCTV system

The company confirmed that the incident happened at the immigration counter of KLIA2.

"We will alert our friends at the immigration office as we do not condone such actions by any of our airport community staff. The airport treats all passengers professionally with care and respect," the company explained in a statement.

You can read Amy's post in full here:

In similar news, the appointment of Tommy Thomas as Attorney-General was objected in June because he does not speak fluent BM:

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