A Woman In PJ Called Bomba To Help Remove A Thumb-Sized Lizard From Her Home

The incident happened yesterday, 4 September.

Cover image via Info Roadblock JPJ/Facebook

Malaysia's Fire and Rescue Departments have done remarkable things

Firemen carrying a victim's body out of a tahfiz school after a fire last year.

Image via EPA via Straits Times

From preventing a huge fire to rescuing a suicidal person, our firemen deserve nothing but love and respect. 

However, our firemen have also dealt with some rather bizarre situations

Apart from having to free stuck penises, firemen also face attacks from the very people they serve.

Earlier this year, an American woman living in Mont Kiara pepper-sprayed a total of 13 policemen and firemen after her landlords tried to change the locks on the doors of her rented apartment.

Firemen washing their faces after the pepper-spray attack.

Image via New Straits Times

In the latest comical incident, a woman called the Damansara Fire and Rescue Department yesterday, 4 September, to remove a tiny lizard from her condominium unit on Jalan Tropicana Utara, Petaling Jaya

A report of the incident revealed that the woman had made a call regarding a "huge monitor lizard" in her neighbour's room.

To the firemen's surprise, the "monitor lizard" turned out to be a tiny, thumb-sized lizard.

A smiling fireman together with the "huge monitor lizard".

Image via Info Roadblock JPJ/Facebook

The report, which was posted on Facebook yesterday, garnered over 470 shares and 1,500 reactions within 24 hours.

You can read the witty report of the incident here:

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