Police Have Now Arrested Cradle CEO's 2 Stepsons In Connection With His Murder

Yet another twist in Nazrin Hassan's bizarre death.

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Selangor police chief says reports about Cradle CEO's 2 stepsons' arrests are false

Following reports by Malay Mail and The Malaysian Insight claiming that police have arrested the two stepsons of the Group CEO of Cradle Fund, Selangor police chief has now denied that the teenage stepsons' arrests, calling the reports false.

"The (news) report is inaccurate. The number of those arrested remains at two," Selangor police chief Mazlan Mansor was quoted as saying by NST Online.

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Previously, Malay Mail reported on Wednesday that police arrested two teenage stepsons of Nazrin Hassan in his murder probe

According to a report in Malay Mail, which cited a police source, the two boys were picked up at 9.30pm from their grandfather Chandra Muzaffar's house.

Both the stepsons of the Cradle Group CEO are said to be in secondary school.

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Malay Mail quoted the police source as saying that "investigations found puncture holes in (Nazrin's) neck, marks from an archery arrow". Police arrested the two stepsons as they both play archery.

The latest arrests follow the week-long remand of Nazrin's wife, Samirah Muzzaffar, and her ex-husband, both of whom were arrested on Tuesday night.

"The boys were picked up as part of investigations as it is learnt they both play archery and there were other leads upon interrogation with their parents that led to their arrest," the anonymous police source reportedly told Malay Mail.

Samirah Muzzaffar.

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The death of the 45-year-old Nazrin, who was found dead in his room on 14 June, was in August reclassified as murder by police

In August, a forensic investigation report by the Fire and Rescue Department suspected foul play in Nazrin's death. The report revealed that there were traces of petrol found on Nazrin's head, bedframe and mattress, as well as on his handphone.

However, a week after the reclassification, Nazrin's widow had alleged inconsistencies in the investigation, accusing the authorities of keeping them in the dark.

The murder investigation got the new twist when Samirah Muzaffar and her former husband were arrested past midnight on Tuesday

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