This Malaysian's Out-Of-The-Box LinkedIn Post Has Employers Sliding Into His DMs

"Hi. I'm looking for an interviewer to fill this seat."

Cover image via Azmil Hakim/LinkedIn

A young Malaysian has proved that creativity is key when it comes to appealing to potential employers

Azmil Hakim took to professional networking website LinkedIn to spread the word that he was looking for a job.

In an attempt to stand out from the sea of hopeful applicants, he crafted an out-of-the-box post.

"Hi. I'm looking for an interviewer to fill this seat," Azmil wrote, attaching a photo of an empty chair across from him

At the time of writing, his post has received over 15,000 likes and over 800 comments.

Azmil's confidence paid off.

Not only did he receive high praise from impressed netizens, he also got the attention of several interested employers.

Since then, the University Teknologi MARA graduate has also made an effort to share his experience with others

How impressive and original! We're definitely taking notes.

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