A Man Caught Stealing Shoes In A Mosque Is Suspected Of Having A Shoe Fetish

And he did it with his friend's Mercedes-Benz...

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An IT specialist's love for 'atas' man shoes ended up on the wrong foot when he was arrested for stealing at Masjid Wilayah in Jalan Duta on 16 May. 13 pairs of shoes were believed to have been stolen in two hours as they were found in a Mercedes-Benz he had borrowed from his housemate.

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An IT specialist’s obsession with high-end men’s shoes ended on a sour note when he was caught stealing a pair from Masjid Wilayah in Jalan Duta here on 16 May. Police found in the boot of his car 13 pairs of trainers and leather shoes believed to have been stolen in the city over a mere two hours.

He borrowed a friend's Mercedes Benz car, saying he needed the vehicle for two hours to get a 'job' done. Investigations revealed that the car belonged to the suspect’s housemate.

The incident occurred at 11.25am when security guards caught him red-handed at an area where shoes were kept. During his arrest, a man at the scene claimed that one of the shoes that was taken were his, according to Sentul police chief ACP R. Munusamy on 18 May.

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Sentul police chief ACP R. Munusamy said security guards caught the 38-year-old suspect red-handed stealing shoes at the mosque at 11.25am.

"On inspecting the borrowed Mercedez Benz's bonnet, as many as 13 pairs of shoes, believed stolen from an area where shoes were placed in the mosque, were found," he told reporters at a press conference.

“A man who was at the scene came forward and pointed out his shoes that were taken from the mosque,” ACP Munusamy told newsmen on 18 May.

The shoes stolen were Nikes, Pumas, New Balances, and men's safety boots. The suspect denies they were stolen and that they were all his but police discovered he was a size 8 while most of the shoes were sizes 9 and 10. Police are currently investigating if this is his first attempt or if he has a shoe fetish.

The shoes of varying sizes found by police were lined up in the Sentul police station.

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Within the two hours, the suspect allegedly stole two pairs of Nike, two pairs of Puma, three pairs of New Balance shoes and a pair of men's safety boots.

"The suspect claimed that it was his own shoes and denied to have stolen it. However, we found that he was wearing a size eight shoe and most of the stolen shoes were in sizes nine and ten," Munusamy said. He added that the suspect's housemate had denied that all the shoes were his.

Munusamy said police were still trying to find out how long the suspect had been active or if this was his first offence.

“We checked his house in Jalan Ipoh and there were no other shoes. We don’t know if he hid more stolen shoes elsewhere. We are also investigating if he has a shoe fetish,” said Munusamy.

The Mercedes-Benz that the suspect borrowed has also been seized. Police are extending his remand until 19 May because the suspect had not been co-operating in investigations.

The Mercedes-Benz that the suspect borrowed from his housemate for two hours was also seized. Munusamy said police would extend the remand order until 19 May because the suspect had not been cooperating in investigations "He does not want to reveal where he stole the other 12 pairs of shoes, so we need more time to interrogate him.”

"Investigations are still ongoing and we are waiting for the police report of any individuals who have lost their shoes at the mosque," he said adding that so far only one shoe owner has come forward and confirmed that one of the pair was his.

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