Puppy Thrown On The Floor For Eating Its Own Poop Suffered Brain Damage And Died

The owner had bought the dog seven hours earlier.

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A woman in Gangneung, South Korea killed her three-month-old Maltese puppy while attempting to get a refund for it at a pet store

According to NextShark, she decided to return the dog seven hours after purchasing it because she saw it eat its own faeces and assumed that she had been tricked into buying an ill animal.

Eating their own waste is common in dogs, as studies show that it is linked to parasite prevention and nutritional deficiencies.

After being refused a refund over the phone, the woman stormed into the pet shop with her husband.

Denied a refund a second time, she threw the puppy onto the ground in a fit of rage.

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The following day, the puppy died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

When the pet shop owner contacted the woman to inform her of his plans to file a lawsuit, she replied that she is "sorry for all the puppies sold there."

However, after CCTV footage of the incident uploaded on YouTube went viral, she told local reporters that she only threw the puppy "out of anger" and that she "didn't know it would actually die"

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"I'm very apologetic to the puppy and I'm regretful of my actions," she told Yonhap News.

"I don't think I could forgive myself. I will reflect on my actions for the rest of my life and will volunteer at stray dog shelters."

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