A Singaporean Father Was Caught Slapping His Kneeling Daughter In IKEA Tampines' Carpark

A video of the public abuse has sparked outrage and investigation.

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In a video that's about 30 seconds long and posted on Stomp earlier this week, a little girl is seen kneeling down while a man, pointing his finger at her and shouting, slaps her hard across the face

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"This is the last time," he yells as he walks away after slapping her

He, however, soon turns around to once again yell at her.

"Properly kneel down! Kneel down properly!" the man can be heard yelling in the video as the little girl, still kneeling, tries to keep her balance.

The video was shot in the carpark of an IKEA outlet in Tampines

An IKEA spokesman, while confirming that the incident occurred on its premises, said that they have reported it to the police and will render any assistance they need.

According to the man who shot the video and subsequently shared it with the Singapore-based site Stomp, the incident happened at around 9pm on 5 November.

He claims that while he doesn't know why the man was so upset, he heard him saying things like, "I love you, but you cannot say these kinds of things to me."

"I'm not sure if the woman in the video is the mother, but she seemed too scared to hold him off or do anything," he was quoted as saying by Stomp in its report.

The man in the video is said to be the girl's father while the woman was most likely the mother, who seemed too scared to intervene

Image via STOMP/YouTube

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) along with the police are reportedly looking into the matter

The authorities got involved after a netizen reported the video to MSF.

In the comment section of Stomp's Facebook post, the netizen who identified himself as Richard, wrote: "I have reported this to MSF for their investigation."

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You can watch the video of the incident here:

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