An Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued Against MP Shahidan Over The Molestation Case Of A Minor

The UMNO lawmaker is currently in Saudi Arabia performing umrah.

Cover image via NSTP

Former Minister in the Prime Minister's Department under Najib Razak, MP Shahidan Kassim is now a wanted man in the country

The former Perlis Menteri Besar, who is being investigated for sexually molesting a minor in his car last month, today skipped court to face the charges.

Due to the Arau MP's failure to be present, the Kangar Sessions Court judge Johari Abu Hassan issued an arrest warrant against Shahidan, NST Online reported.

Image via Oh Bulan

Accused of molestation and then accused of allegedly paying off the girl's family to withdraw their police report against him, the UMNO federal lawmaker is conveniently "out of the country"

Shahidan's lawyer, Syed Muhamad Anwar Syed Lokman Hakim, claims that neither his client nor he had been informed about the arrest warrant earlier.

"I only got know about this in court. My client is out of the country," he said, adding that his client was unaware that such charges would lead to a warrant being issued.

Stressing that this is a "high profile case" involving a politician "who has not run away", Syed Muhamad said that he will be seeking a revocation of the arrest warrant.

So where is Shahidan currently?

Well, according to his Facebook page, Shahidan is in Mecca performing the umrah.

It's a minor haj, an Islamic pilgrimage that can be taken at any time of year. However, Shahidan conveniently decided to take it while he is under police investigation.

The alleged incident occurred on 21 October:

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