A 39-Year-Old Man In Labuan Had Been Raping His Stepdaughter Since She Was 10

The girl, now 16, suffers from emotional disturbance.

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On Tuesday, 17 March, a police report was lodged against a 39-year-old man in Labuan by his stepdaughter, who is five weeks pregnant

According to a report in NST Online, the stepdaughter, who had been living with her mother and stepfather since 2010 after her birth parents separated, only confessed to the heinous acts committed by her stepfather after realising that she was pregnant.

The teenage girl, who is still schooling, had been raped by her stepfather since she was 10, with the latest incident taking place on 10 March this year.

The stepfather was arrested on Tuesday and has been remanded from Wednesday for further investigation, Labuan Police chief Superintendent Mohamad Farid Ahmad said.

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However, while the stepfather has been arrested, the 16-year-old girl's troubles are far from over. She is reportedly suffering from emotional disturbance after years of abuse and sexual grooming.

She is so heavily influenced by the stepfather's years of manipulations that she initially did not want to lodge the police report against him, claiming that she "loved" him.

The man started grooming her when she was 10 by showing her pornographic materials such as videos and photos. He would touch and caress her inappropriately.

About a month into grooming, the stepfather, who at the time was 33, raped the girl when her mother, his wife, was not at home, according to NST Online.

Over the period of time, the underage girl was manipulated into having sexual relations with six other men who befriended her through WeChat, a messaging app which has often been used by sexual predators to find young kids in the country and exploit them

Reportedly, the girl's mother was unaware of what her second husband was doing with her daughter in their home. He is said to be the family's sole breadwinner.

Speaking of WeChat, last year parents of kids who use the social messaging app were warned about its dangers in a Facebook post

The Facebook post by Zeeda Aziz had reminded parents to be careful about the dangers faced by children who access such apps on their tablets and smartphones.

She had said that she dedicated the post to all parents who allow their children to own a smartphone and particularly those who own a WeChat account.

"If they use that (WeChat) application, please monitor their movements as much as possible. Your child may be a victim of rape or become a rapist," she had written.

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