"You Shouldn't Be With A Chinese" – Racist Man Spits On Indian Man For Having A Chinese GF

He was allegedly spat on twice before the racist man fled to an escalator.

Cover image via Wake Up Singapore

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An Indian man was allegedly spat on by a stranger while he was walking to Uniqlo in Orchard Central in Singapore

The victim, who declined to be named, said that the incident happened while he was on a date with his Chinese girlfriend on Sunday, 18 December, reported Wake Up Singapore.

According to the victim, a Singaporean Chinese man in a dark blue shirt and jeans allegedly spat at him and his girlfriend while they were walking on the bridge connecting Orchard Central and Orchard Gateway.

The bridge connecting Orchard Central and Orchard Gateway, where the incident allegedly took place.

Image via Wake Up Singapore

He then asked the stranger why he spat on them, to which the man replied, "You should not be with a Chinese girl! Your girlfriend should be my girlfriend!"

The Chinese man allegedly spat at him again and flipped the bird at the couple before boarding the escalator.

"I didn't know what to do. Got so angry that I teared up," the victim told Wake Up Singapore.

He went on to say that the incident surprised him because he had previously experienced racial microaggressions, but never from someone he had never met.

"This was the first time a completely random stranger had the audacity to do something like this," he added.

The couple was allegedly spat on while they were walking to a Uniqlo store located at Orchard Central.

Image via Wake Up Singapore

The Indian man has since filed a police report regarding the ordeal

Unfortunately, the victim was told that only the police could access the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, which documented the exact time frame of when the incident occurred, so he could not retrieve it.

AsiaOne has confirmed that the police received his report. An officer from the Tanglin Police Divisional Investigation Branch has also been assigned to investigate the case.

In June of last year, a video of a Singaporean Chinese man telling off an interracial couple for dating outside of their own race went viral:

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