SG Man Harasses Interracial Couple For Dating Outside Of Their Own Race

"I have nothing against Indians, but I think it is racist for an Indian to marry a Chinese girl," he said.

Cover image via Dave Park Ash (Facebook)

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A video of a Singaporean Chinese man telling off an interracial couple for dating outside of their own race has gone viral

The incident was shared by Dave Parkash on Facebook, who was left dumbfounded after the man had suddenly approached him and his girlfriend while they were out at Orchard Road on Saturday, 5 June.

The couple are Singaporeans of mixed heritage. Dave is half-Indian and half-Filipino while his girlfriend, who filmed the encounter, is half-Chinese and half-Thai.

"Today I feel embarrassed, humiliated, and hurt by how I was treated by a fellow Singaporean," Dave wrote on a post that has since amassed 17,000 shares.

"He humiliated us in public, shaming both [of us] as though we did something wrong. Love is love. You and I should be able to love whoever we want to love. Let's not become like this man in the video," he said.

Dave (right) and his girlfriend.

Image via Dave Park Ash (Facebook)

In the video, the man accused Dave of being racist for having a Chinese girlfriend and "not marrying an Indian girl"

The man, who is seen wearing a red sports jersey with 'Singapore' displayed across his chest in the video, said, "I think it's racist. Because if you are proud of your own race, you will marry an Indian girl."

While the man admitted that he was indeed racist, he said Dave was guilty as well.

"I have nothing against Indians, but I think it is racist for an Indian to marry a Chinese girl," the man said to Dave, who questioned him incredulously throughout the nine-minute video.

The man also said he was upset with interracial marriages because "Indian men are preying on Chinese girls".

He warned Dave for "preying" on a Chinese girl, claiming that "the Chinese don't like it".

"Both of you are also a disgrace... Indian should not marry Chinese and Chinese should not marry Indian," he repeated.

The Singaporean police are carrying out investigations after receiving multiple reports about the racist incident

The Straits Times reported that the police did not disclose the identity of the man, but only stated that a 60-year-old is currently assisting with investigations.

However, according to TODAY, it is understood that the man is a senior lecturer in Engineering at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore.

"We regret that the individual in question is a member of our staff," they said.

The institution told the Singaporean English daily that the man has since been suspended from his teaching duties.

Watch the video of the encounter here.

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