[VIDEO] All Smiles For Student When Classmates Gather Money To Buy Him A New Pair Of Shoes

The students collected a total of IDR217,000 (RM63) to buy the shoes.

Cover image via @ rfirzl_ (TikTok)

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A high school student from Tasikmalaya, Indonesia, received a pleasant surprise from his classmates when they decided to chip in to buy him a brand new pair of shoes

In a TikTok video recorded by one of his classmates, @rfirzl_, the student can be seen wearing a pair of worn out shoes.

The video then panned to show the classmates collectively jotting down the amount each of them wanted to chip in for the shoe fund, which had a goal amount of IDR217,000 (RM63).

The list showed that each student chipped in between IDR2,000 (RM0.50) and IDR50,000 (RM15).

The clip also showed the cash being collected and a shoebox under a classroom table, presumably containing the classmate's new pair of shoes.

The money collected by the students (left) and the shoebox with the classmate's new shoes (right)

Image via @rfirzl_ (TikTok)

It was all smiles for the classmate when he received his gift, as all his classmates gathered around him, pleased to see his reaction

The video ended with the boy grinning ear to ear as he high-fived his classmates and celebrated the happy moment with them.

The video has since gone viral, amassing over 12 million views and 1.9 million likes at the time of writing, with the hearts of many netizens touched by the act of generosity

Many praised the classmates for showing so much compassion for someone in need.

"Salute to the friends. And I hope the student is excited about his new shoes," one netizen said.

"Salute to everyone who helped their friend without expecting a reward," another TikTok user said.

"Now, they are what you call friends," another commented.

"The act of giving has never made anyone poor," another netizen said.

Image via TikTok

You can watch the wholesome exchange below:

@rfirzl_ @SMPN 3 Tasikmalaya original sound - maria!

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