"All The Best" — Dr M Congratulates Anwar On His Appointment As 10th PM

Dr Mahathir is seen as the man who had been blocking Anwar's path to the premiership since 1998.

Cover image via Utusan Malaysia

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Earlier today, 25 November, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad offered his former deputy, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, success on the latter's appointment as the 10th Prime Minister

"I congratulate Anwar on his appointment as Malaysia's 10th Prime Minister," read a brief message posted by Mahathir, who is seen as the man blocking Anwar's path to the premiership since 1998.

"All the best," he added.

Mahathir's brief message of success to Anwar is of much significance as the former prime minister is largely responsible for bringing Anwar into politics when he invited him to join UMNO four decades ago

Immediately after joining UMNO, Anwar enjoyed a meteoric rise under Mahathir's wing.

He got his first ministerial post in 1983, second a year later, and then given the education portfolio in 1986. He was made finance minister in 1991 and then eventually became Mahathir's deputy in 1993.

Mahathir appointed Anwar as acting prime minister in 1997 for two months, following which things turned sour between them, and in September 1998, Mahathir fired Anwar and jailed him for sodomy.

The two eventually teamed up before the 2018 general election and worked together when Pakatan Harapan (PH) was in power. However, their relationship soured again after the fall of the PH government.

Here are eight facts about Anwar you should know:

Anwar was sworn in at 5pm yesterday, 24 November:

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