Amputee Delivery Rider Falls After Customer Makes Him Climb To 2nd Floor To Bring Him Food

After the deliveryman fell, the customer even went outside to demand where his food was.

Cover image via Saire Adnan Panda Legged (Facebook)

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A GrabFood delivery rider in Singapore took to Facebook to recount an incident wherein a customer once made him climb to the second floor to deliver his food even after he declared that he has a disability

The deliveryman, Saire Adnan, wrote the post on 7 January, revealing that the incident occurred at a shophouse around Thomson Road.

According to Saire, the customer lives in a residential unit on the second floor. Upon arrival, he realised to his dismay that there were no lifts.

"I messaged GrabFood and they told me that the customer instructed me to go upstairs," said the 39-year-old.

"The customer said he paid for delivery. Even though I told both the customer and GrabFood that I'm a person with a disability and can't climb stairs, the customer didn't care as he said he had a meeting."

Although he has since deleted his Facebook post, Saire told Mothership, "I didn't want to cancel the order because I was already there and if I did, my ratings would drop."

The delivery rider attempted to climb up the stairs using his crutches.

Unfortunately, he ended up falling, dropping the food and injuring his foot.

After the deliveryman fell, the customer even went outside to demand where his food was.

"He just came up to me and asked, 'What happened to my food?'" Saire said. "My leg was hurting and he didn't even say sorry."

According to him, a passerby who witnessed the commotion scolded the customer and helped Saire get back on his feet.

In the end, the customer told Saire that he would be making a complaint to Grab, before walking back inside his house.

Saire claimed that another passerby came along to help him get back on his personal mobility device, asking if he wanted to call an ambulance, but Saire refused.

"I went to Tan Tock Seng Hospital on my own, where I was given four days MC."

Saire stated that he was unable to work due to a possible ligament tear

In his post, he shared an image of his foot, saying he is no longer able to stand without assistance.

According to Mothership, although he contemplates quitting GrabFood delivery altogether, he is currently unable to, due to it being his main source of income.

The Singaporean social news portal also reported that Grab is currently investigating the matter.

It is not easy being a delivery rider:

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