Anwar's Use Of Loaned BMW With Plate 'BEM 1' Raises Eyebrows Over Who's The Real Owner

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim revealed on Wednesday, 9 November, that the vehicle was loaned to him by a Datuk purportedly from Shah Alam.

Cover image via Twitter & Malaysiakini

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After Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim declared his assets on Wednesday, 9 November, we know that he does not own any vehicles at all

Image via Calon Keadilan

However, he was recently spotted travelling around Malaysia in a BMW 7 Series with the number plate bearing the digit "1".

Speculation has since arisen that the vehicle belonged to a late Selangor menteri besar (MB).

According to Malaysiakini, the claim that Anwar is using a vehicle with the number plate belonging to ex-Selangor MB Abdul Khalid Ibrahim was first made by the latter's former aide, Faekah Husin.

Image via Twitter

In a tweet, she said the discovery of the BMW with the number plate shocked her, and led her to check with Khalid's family to see if they had disposed of the number plate "BEN 1".

She later found out that "BEN 1" still belongs to Khalid's family and is now fitted onto a Mitsubishi Pajero.

Faekah then urged the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to investigate the matter to ensure the prime minister candidate is not using a fake number plate.

It turns out that Faekah was mistaken. The number plate of the BMW 7 Series is actually "BEM 1".

To add to the confusion, Malaysiakini reported that the "BEM 1" number plate actually belonged to another Selangor MB, namely Muhammad Muhammad Taib.

The online portal then reached out to Muhammad Taib and understood that he had relinquished ownership of the number plate.

"I sold the car around 15 years ago," he said.

The former Selangor MB said he does not know who is the current owner of "BEM 1" as he sold it via an agent.

Image via Malaysiakini

The confusion came to rest after Anwar revealed to students during a dialogue on Wednesday that the luxury vehicle was actually loaned to him by "Datuk Sham"

"The 7 Series I'm using now, it's not mine. It was loaned to me by Datuk Sham (from) Shah Alam. He said, 'You use this for one month and return it on the 20th (of November)," he said on stage.

"So, I am not a bloody hypocrite. Some people use luxury cars (in the capital) but when they go back to their constituency, they drive a Proton Saga (to appear humble)."

"I am not like that. Whatever car I use in Kuala Lumpur, I will use it everywhere else."

You can watch Anwar reveal who loans him the luxury car in the video below from the 41.14-minute mark:

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