Arinna Erin Wira: "Being A Hijabi Never Stopped Me From Doing The Things I Love"

The Malaysian model was recently featured in Nike's new Hijabi swimwear line.

Cover image via Arinna Erin Wira

Malaysian model, Arinna Erin Wira, is creating waves after she was featured on Nike's new modest swimwear line for Muslim women

My grandma literally dunked me in the water and that was history.
Arinna Erin Wira.
Image via Nike

Yesterday, Arinna took to her Instagram to celebrate how being a Hijabi has never been a hurdle in her journey to do greater things

In the Instagram post, Arinna describes how she loves swimming.

"I can safely say swimming is my second nature because when I do, I feel at peace, I feel light and just... happy," the Malaysian model, who lives in the United Kingdon, wrote.

"Being a hijabi never stopped me from doing the things I love, it's a part of me that I cherish, not something that limits my journey to do greater things."

Arinna acknowledges that Islam encourages to be healthy, but the struggle Muslim women encounter when looking for "the perfect swimsuit that covers our aurah" has led many to avoid swimming

"Although I've never let anything stop me from swimming, I still wanted a swimsuit that was functional and not just aesthetically pleasing to look at," she writes, adding that the Nike swimsuit is the answer to this.

The moment I put on the Nike Victory swimsuit, it felt right. It served its purpose and swimming in it was effortless.

Read about Nike's modest swimsuit line here:

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