Auxiliary Cop Who Claimed To Have Recorded A Pontianak Says He Has No Reason To Lie

The 29-year-old auxiliary police officer's video showed a shadowy figure accompanied by haunting sounds.

Cover image via @buletintv9 (TikTok) & Harian Metro

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In a recent video that has gone viral, a 29-year-old auxiliary police officer in Johor Bahru claims to have experienced an eerie encounter with a pontianak, a female vampire ghost from Malay folklore

The video, which was uploaded on the officer's personal TikTok account, has stirred a mix of belief and scepticism among people online, garnering 3.6 million views since it was posted on Thursday, 3 August.

In the video, a shadowy figure can be seen lurking in the bushes, accompanied by haunting sounds. According to the officer, the incident occurred around 2am during a routine patrol with a fellow officer.

"We heard a noise and saw what seemed like someone entering the bushes. Since it was a restricted area that should not be trespassed, we immediately rushed to the location using our patrolling multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) to conduct an inspection," Harian Metro quoted Ikhmal as saying yesterday.

Ikhmal said to their astonishment, they encountered the alleged pontianak.

With a trembling hand, Ikhmal managed to record the alleged eerie sighting on his mobile phone. Later, he shared the video on TikTok to preserve the memory and share his experience while on duty.

The video's popularity has sparked a debate among viewers, with some users believing in the supernatural while others dismissing it as mere content creation for online attention.

"Some believe and share their scary experiences in the comments section. However, others say I might be trying to deceive others and upload the video solely for the purpose of content," said Ikhmal in response.

Ikhmal, however, claimed the video is authentic and urged viewers to form their own conclusions.

"And why would I deceive anyone, as I myself experienced it?" he said, adding that he has been working as an auxiliary police officer for eight years and heard many eerie sounds during his night shifts.

However, he admitted that it was the first time he personally witnessed the appearance of an alleged pontianak with his own eyes. The area where the alleged encounter took place was once a palm oil plantation and has a history of paranormal sightings, according to local residents.

Despite the buzz surrounding the video, Ikhmal emphasised that his intention was not to scare anyone but to share his experiences on the job. He hoped that viewers, especially those interested in pursuing a career in security and safety, would view such encounters as part of the job's challenges.

A screenshot collage from Ikhmal's viral video showing the alleged pontianak and Ikhmal with his MPV.

Image via Harian Metro

While Ikhmal has since made his TikTok account private, the video, which was later reposted by Buletin TV9, can be viewed here:


Seorang polis bantuan menarik perhatian netizen selepas berkongsi video di TikTok, dipercayai kelibat pontianak dan turut kedengaran suara menakutkan makhluk berkenaan. #tv9 #buletintv9 #fyp #pontianak #johorbahru

original sound - BULETINTV9 - BULETINTV9

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