Azwan Ali Wants To "Save Selangor" By Contesting Against His Brother Azmin Ali In GE14

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Cover image via Azmin Ali & MyNews Hub

Popular TV host Azwan Ali has announced his plan to run against his brother, PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali in the upcoming 14th General Elections (GE14)

Azwan, who is also known as Diva AA, said he planned to contest as an independent candidate just to bring his brother down, as reported by NST Online.

He said, "It does not matter whether he contests in a parliamentary or state seat. I will run against him anywhere to destroy his political career."

According to Azwan, his campaign manifesto will mostly focus on exposing his brother's "sins"

"I want to strip Azmin naked, and he will be bared naked. That is my manifesto, because the knowledge of all his sins are now in my hands." he was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini.

The controversial celebrity said that he was urged by thousands of his supporters to save Selangor from Azmin

Image via OhBulan

"I don't want the people of Selangor to continue to be fooled. Azmin is the most hypocritical and wretched leader in Selangor."

Azwan said he has enough money to fund his campaign's finances because he has "a lot of money." 

He added, "It doesn't matter even if I lose badly and my deposit, I would consider it as a donation to the Election Commission. I will not have any regrets."

Azwan told Malaysiakini that he is serious about running against his own family member and promises free rendang to everyone if he wins

The former television personality wants to bedazzle everyone when he submits his nomination form on 28 April.

If he wins, he said he will treat everyone to Chef Diva's rendang. He said, "That would be the first thing I do if I win - free rendang."

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