Bali Now Wants To Increase Its Tourism Tax To RM236 To Deter Unruly Tourists

A RM46 tourism tax had just been implemented earlier this year.

Cover image via Mauro-Fabio Cilurzo/Unsplash & Fast Forward

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Bali officials are proposing a higher tourism tax, raising it from RM46 to RM236, in a bid to deter unruly tourists

Just earlier this year, Bali implemented a tourism tax of IDR150,000 (RM46) on foreign visitors entering the island from February 2024 onwards.

However, officials are now considering increasing that amount.

"I think the IDR150,000 (RM46) tax is too low, so Bali seems like a cheap tourist destination," Bali's council leader Kresna Budi told reporters on 19 June, according to The Straits Times.

"Why should Bali be sold cheaply?" he said, citing the example that Indonesians need to pay millions of rupiah to obtain a visa when visiting Britain.

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Budi explained that the new regional levy regulation will focus on bringing in "higher quality" tourists and encourage better ethics, ensuring that those who visit Bali respect local laws and norms

According to The Bali Sun, Budi added that a portion of the tax can be used for tourism police supervision, tourism infrastructure, and supporting tourists if needed in Bali.

However, the report stated that many tourism stakeholders believe that a tourist's budget does not determine their behaviour.

"Low-budget tourists are not inherently distressful and unlawful in their ways, just as high-budget tourists aren't inherently well-behaved or respectful either," it read.

The new proposal is now being considered and studied by Bali's acting governor.

What do you think? Will the increased tourism tax in Bali deter misbehaving tourists?

Only 40% of an estimated 2.2 million inbound visitors to Bali have paid the current tourist tax since it was implemented in February:

The decision to impose the earlier tax comes after a spate of incidents:

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