MAS Steward’s Thoughtfulness And Prompt Action Helped A Mum Pump Her Milk Privately

It is most often these little acts of kindness that makes all the difference!

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We usually hear breastfeeding mothers' horror stories about being shunned and criticised for pumping their milk or feeding their babies in public

It isn't always members of the public accept the fact that breastfeeding mothers have the need to pump their milk and feed their babies and have little control over when they can do it.

With people spewing words like, "disgusting" and publicly shaming these mothers for anything related to breastfeeding in public areas, it is certainly a breath of fresh air when people understand and assist them instead of getting angry at them.

In a surprising turn of events, a breastfeeding mother shared her story about the thoughtfulness of the Malaysian Airlines flight attendants that cleared a whole row just so that she could pump her milk privately

The MAS passenger shared this inspiring story in the Facebook group, The Breastfeeding Advocated Network yesterday, 10 December.

According to the MAS passenger, the thoughtful MAS staff managed to make the kind arrangements depsite the fact that it was a fully-booked flight that day

The post also spoke about how the flight attendant first told her that there was no private space for her to pump her milk and to her pleasant surprise by the time she got back to her seat, the row was cleared, providing her the privacy to pump.

The breastfeeding mom's post commending Malaysia Airlines' kindness and thoughtfulness was so well received by netizens, with many sharing their amazing experiences with MAS

Numerous comments started pouring in from other satisfied Malaysia Airlines customers, talking about their excellent experience of flying with the nation's flag carrier airlines

This inspiring story about Malaysia Airlines flight attendants' simple yet very thoughtful act of kindness, comes after many months of receiving criticisms over the unfortunate events of flight MH370

In their efforts to normalise the idea of breastfeeding in public areas, these shopping malls and cafes in Malaysia have designated spaces for mothers to breastfeed:

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