Woman Discovers On Son's Wedding Day That His Bride Is Actually Her Long-Lost Daughter

The reunion was more joyous than the wedding itself.

Cover image via Daily Star

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While attending her son's wedding ceremony in Suzhou, China, on 31 March, an elderly woman identified her son's bride as the child she had lost 20 years ago

According to Chinese media reports by 8 World News, the woman noticed a birthmark on her new daughter-in-law's hand.

Image via Daily Star

She realised the birthmark bore an uncanny resemblance to that on her missing daughter, whom she had lost by the roadside over 20 years ago

Suspecting that the bride could be her long-lost biological daughter, the woman asked the in-laws if they had adopted the girl.

According to Oriental Daily, this question had shocked the bride's family, as they had not divulged this secret for so many years. Apparently, the bride's parents had found the girl by the roadside over 20 years ago, and had taken her as their own.

Upon hearing the news, the overwhelmed bride burst into tears of joy

Oriental Daily reported that being reunited with her biological parents was a more joyous occasion than the marriage itself.

Image via Oriental Daily

Fortunately, there wasn't an issue with the marriage, as the newlywed couple aren't biological siblings

According to Oriental Daily, the bride's biological mother had tried searching for her, but to no avail. Devastated, she later adopted a son.

In a curious twist of fate, the woman's biological daughter and adopted son had met and fallen in love. Now, her son had wed his step-sister, and his bride became both his mother's daughter and daughter-in-law.

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