Car Plunges Into A River In Sarawak And Bomba Are Still Working To Retrieve It

Operations are still underway to retrieve and identify the victims in the car.

Cover image via 砂州眼 Sarawak Eye (Facebook) & Ngu Francis Bintulu (Facebook)

On 30 November, a car with an unknown number of passengers plunged into Kemena River in Bintulu, Sarawak

According to Harian Metro, the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department received a call at about 8.03pm. Nine firefighters lead by Operation Commander Stephen Plen were sent to the location to search for any victims.

"A witness of the incident saw the car stopping at the edge of the wharf before turning right and plunging into the river," Plen said.

The car was found on the riverbed of Kemena River, about 150m away from the wharf where the incident happened.

A detailed investigation is being conducted to find out the owner of the vehicle as well as the individuals in the vehicle

"We are unable to dive at night due to the strong currents and fear of crocodile attacks," Plen told Harian Metro.

Firefighters resumed operations this morning, 1 December, to retrieve the car.

Meanwhile, Bintulu Fire and Rescue station chief Christus Buson said that investigations are still underway to identify the victims in the car.

Watch the video of the incident here:

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