Car Thief Shot Dead After Reversing Into Police Car

A habitual car thief who was just convicted was shot dead during a high speed car chase with the police on 21 May 2014.

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A Habitual Car Thief Was Shot Dead By The Police During A Car Chase In Kuala Selangor On 21 May 2014

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KUALA SELANGOR: Barely a week after being charged in court, a suspected thief who rammed into a patrol car following a high-speed chase in Ijok here was shot and killed by the police.

At 8.20am, The 34-Year-Old Convict Resisted Arrest When Police Attempted To Stop Him From Escaping In A Stolen Refrigerator Lorry

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Selangor Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Mohd Adnan Abdullah said police received information that a refrigerator truck carrying frozen foodstuff, including frozen vegetables, was stolen in Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur, at 8.20am yesterday.

In the 8.20am incident, the 34-year-old man, who was a former convict, resisted arrest when a team of policemen on patrol attempted to stop him from getting away in a stolen lorry.

A 20km High Speed Chase Ensued From Sungai Pelong To Ijok

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Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohd Adnan Abdullah said a 20km chase ensued from Sungai Pelong to Ijok. “The lorry driven by the suspect was spotted near Simpang Merbau Sempak, Sungai Buloh, at about 8.30am.

At 8.30am, a mobile patrol vehicle (MPV) located the truck at the Merbau Sempah intersection in Sungai Buloh and pursued it for 20km to Batu 28, Ijok, where the suspect then turned the vehicle into a dirt road heading for an oil palm plantation.

Police Cornered The Suspect At An Oil Palm Plantation In Ijok

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“As soon as the suspect saw the police zero in on him, he sped off to an oil palm plantation in Ijok where he was cornered."
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When He Had No Way Out, The Suspect Reversed The Lorry At High Speed Into The Police Patrol Car. The Police MPV Was Pushed Back 13 Metres.

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“Realising that there was no way out, he reversed the lorry and rammed into the patrol car,” he said.

"The suspect suddenly reversed the truck at high speed into the police MPV when the MPV tried to overtake it, pushing the MPV back 13m.

A Policeman Ran Towards The Driver's Side Of The Lorry, Ordering The Suspect To Stop. However, The Suspect Continued To Reverse The Lorry Into The Patrol Car.

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"One of the policemen jumped out of the patrol car and ran towards the driver's side of the lorry and ordered him to stop. "The suspect ignored the call and continue reversing the lorry, dragging the patrol car along," he said.

SAC Adenan Says Police Had No Choice But To Open Fire Due To The Suspect's Aggressive Behaviour

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Due to the suspect’s aggressive behaviour, the policemen had no choice but were forced to open fire, said SAC Adnan.

Fearing for the safety of his partner, Adnan said the policeman fired a shot, hitting the suspect.

"A police officer jumped out of the moving vehicle and ordered the suspect to stop but he refused, forcing the officer to fire two shots. "The suspect got out of the vehicle and fell about 5m from the truck and succumbed to his injuries."

“One of our personnel fired a shot and it hit the man. He was pronounced dead by a medical team,” SAC Adnan added.

The Suspect Already Had Several Convictions For Car Thefts And Was Charged For Another Case Just Five Days Ago

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Checks by the police revealed that the suspect, who had several convictions for car theft, was charged at a Petaling Jaya court five days ago for another car theft. The lorry that he drove was also reported stolen in Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur.

The body has been sent to the Sungai Buloh Hospital for a post-mortem.

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