CCTV Footage Shows Two Young Women Pickpocketing A Phone In Sunway Pyramid Store

The incident took place at MPSY Boutique on 14 April.

Cover image via Twitter

A netizen's tweet about being pickpocketed at a clothing store in Sunway Pyramid has gone viral

Image via Twitter

The tweet, which includes CCTV footage from MPSY Boutique, has garnered over 9,000 shares.

Describing the incident that occurred on 14 April, the netizen explained that she was browsing through clothes when a girl wearing a white shirt pickpocketed her phone

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The thief can be seen smiling as she passed the phone through a rack of clothes to her accomplice, a woman wearing a blue hijab.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

"You think it will never happen to you. Pickpockets strike when you least expect them," the netizen tweeted.

"I know getting my phone back is almost impossible but I really feel like something needs to be done so these people won't easily steal and get away with it," she wrote.

The netizen also included CCTV footage from a different angle in the Twitter thread.

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"Wishful thinking but I hope I will be the last victim. So please guys, be cautious of your belongings," she added.

Netizens pointed out that the speed at which the women were able to carry out the act indicate that they are experienced

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Watch the CCTV footages here:

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