Sabah Divemaster Accused Of Sexual Assault Underwater Says He Was Trying To Save The Women

Recently, two female tourists from China exposed the diving instructor.

Cover image via Weibo & NSTP (edited)

A 29-year-old male diving instructor in Semporna, Sabah, denies that he sexually assaulted two female tourists from China underwater after being accused by the two women last week

The diving instructor, who only wished to be known as James, claims that he was trying to save the women's lives after noticing their oxygen tanks had come loose.

According to the professional diver, it was his duty to save the lives of "inexperienced tourists" who were unaware of their situations, reported NST Online.

One of the victims posing with the instructor prior to the incident.

Image via Weibo

In a statement released today, 17 April, the instructor said that he had signalled one of the women to stop (diving) and adjust the tank

"While diving, one of the woman's oxygen tank came loose because the clips from buoyancy control device were not fastened tightly.

"I signalled her to stop (diving) and adjust the tank. She responded 'OK' but she kept on diving," he said, adding that he later noticed that the other woman was also experiencing the same problem as her front clip was not working properly.

According to him, the instructor featured in the video of the alleged incident is someone else

Being in the industry for the past three years, I have never received any complaints from other divers. They were satisfied with my services.

Read more about the incident that happened in March here:

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