CCTV Video Shows Burglar Breaking Into A House Only To Get The Fright Of His Life

The victim posted the footage online in hopes that someone will recognise the man to assist in the police investigation.

Cover image via @ainaarhn (Twitter)

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Footage from a woman's closed-circuit television (CCTV) showing the moment an intruder in her home gets spooked and runs away has gone viral

The break-in happened at a house in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan in the early hours of 15 April.

Twitter user @ainaarhn, who posted a series of videos of the CCTV footage, told SAYS that she was visiting her family's home in Pahang and was asleep during the incident.

When she and her family woke up to have their sahur meal, nothing seemed amiss. She had planned on going back to Kuala Lumpur that morning after sahur.

At 6.30am, just as she was about to leave the house, she looked for her handbag but could not seem to find it. She normally places her handbag and wallet on the table in the living room out of convenience for whenever she wanted to leave the house.

She finally gave up and resorted to checking the CCTV footage for clues.

Lo and behold, at 3.40am she spots a figure creeping in through a window of her house.

@ainaarhn said the man can be seen grabbing her handbag and even did a "tour" of the house.

There were a few creepy moments, too, when he peeked into her room several times because she left the door wide open that morning.

The woman thinks he probably noticed a laptop, handphone, and Apple watch next to her bed and was trying to figure out how to snatch the goods.

Then, as he continued to circle the living room, he suddenly jumps with fright before he runs off out of frame and presumably flees the house

In the footage, the man can be seen bending over looking at some items.

Then, a pair of glowing eyes suddenly appear right in front of him, which makes him jump with fright and dash out of the house.

It turns out that the burglar was afraid of her cat, and there happened to be six of them in the house.

@ainaarhn told SAYS that the feline the man encountered is named Leo.

@ainaarhn posted the footage online in hopes that someone will recognise the man to assist in the police investigation

She said that although a police report has been made and the footage handed over to investigators, the recording is not enough to identify the suspect.

According to @ainaarhn, police told her that catching the man will be challenging because of the black and white nature of the video.

The trespasser made away with the woman's handbag, wallet, and a parcel meant for her customer.

There have been no further updates from her regarding the case since the footage was uploaded.

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