#CDM25: A Public Display Of The Good, Bad And Ugly In Malaysians

The whole #CDM25 fiasco gave us an interesting insight into the people of our nation.

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Road rage is a real problem

Kiki Kamaruddin was so angry at Uncle Sim she started hitting his car with a steering lock.

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So is cyber bullying. Some Malaysians wanted to stand up for Uncle Sim, but in doing so, the road bully became a victim of cyberbullying.

Kami Benci CDM25 Facebook page.

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Malaysians on a witch hunt are scarier than the CIA

Malaysians on a witch hunt are scarier than the CIA.

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Any personal information Malaysians post on the Internet is public information

Personal information about Kiki Kamaruddin revealed by Malaysians on social media.

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Malaysians can laugh and joke about any situation. We are also very creative when it comes to creating memes.

A CDM25 meme created by Malaysians.

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But many of us want to overlook race and religion

“During that incident, many netizens had condemned the woman for her behaviour, and had even made her information public to others. “This shows the power of the internet, and I urge netizens to be responsible with this tremendous amount of power,” publicity bureau deputy chairman Marco Yap said, adding that if used responsibly, the internet can be used for much good.

“I believe she was angry at what I had done. Although I was traumatised by the incident, I promised her that I won’t be lodging a police report and have also forgiven her,” 67-year-old Sim Siak Hong was quoted as saying.

We know how to see the positive side in every bad situation

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We can also be very... helpful

Peugeot Club Malaysia offering to pay for Uncle Sim's car repair and anger management classes for Kiki Kamaruddin.

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Some Malaysian companies can be very opportunistic

The Beer Factory offering free beers for Peugeot car owners

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Although some did not appreciate the glamorising of bullies, they should realise that sensationalising the issue and going on a witch hunt turned Kiki into a "celebrity".

Kiki Kamaruddin was interviewed in Hitz.FM, Era FM, Fly FM and NTV7.

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Most importantly, Malaysians applaud and respect people who are kind and forgiving - in this case, the uncle was the true hero among us. His actions spoke for himself.

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The full #CDM25 story on SAYS:

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