"Bye Mum, Don't Cry" - Children Watch Mum Board Ambulance After Testing COVID-19 Positive

"Bye mum, don't be like that. Don't cry. You'll be fine, mum."

Cover image via @fazyana_fc_ttglbc (TikTok)

A sad TikTok of a mother getting on an ambulance and leaving her family after testing positive for COVID-19 has recently gone viral

According to New Straits Times, the 55-year-old woman, Jainap Abdullah, was told that she was positive for the novel coronavirus on Thursday, 3 December, and an ambulance was sent to pick her up at her house in Kampung Sungai Yu, Kuala Selangor the next day.

She was admitted to Sungai Buloh Hospital for isolation and treatment.

The video of the moment Jainap was about to leave her home broke the hearts of netizens on the social media platform.

"Bye mum, don't be like that. Don't cry. You'll be fine, mum," encouraged Jainap's daughter behind the camera as her mother slowly walks towards the waiting ambulance to take her away.

Jainap's 33-year-old daughter, Madiana Misrol, who posted the video on her personal TikTok account, said she was surprised when the clip went viral

Madiana said the family was also surprised to learn that her mother was infected with COVID-19.

"We were definitely shocked to hear the news because mum spends most of her time at home, except when she has to go to the dialysis centre. She last went to the centre on Tuesday, 1 December, and was screened for the virus the following day," she explained, when contacted by Harian Metro.

They received a call from the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Thursday informing them that her test came back positive and was picked up the next day,

Madiana said it was especially sad because everything happened so fast, and her mother also apologised to her and her siblings just before leaving home.

The family is now worried because Jainap has been admitted before due to diabetes and kidney issues

"It was definitely worrying when we heard that mum has to be warded and we, the whole family, are all anxiously waiting for our own screening results which is expected to be out soon," she said.

Madiana said their youngest sister, Nurulamiza, usually stays at home to take care of their mother.

"But now mum is alone in the ward. Our whole family was worried because other than high blood pressure and diabetes, she also has poor eyesight."

"However, I've since contacted her and we feel a bit relieved to hear that she is being well taken care of by the doctors and the nurses at the ward," Madiana said, adding that she and her family are currently placed under home quarantine after the swab test.

Madiana said she was also grateful that many individuals and netizens have given words of encouragement to her mum and the family

She was thankful for those who wished them a speedy recovery. However, she said there were a few comments on TikTok that falsely claimed her mother had left the house despite knowing she was infected with the virus two weeks ago.

"Nobody wants to be sick and anyone can be infected with COVID-19 despite taking precautionary measures," Madiana said.

"So, I urge those out there to refrain from criticising the COVID-19 patients. I think they should give encouragement to the patients instead, so that they have the strength to face this ordeal."

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