China Is Now Punishing Jaywalkers By Spraying Them With Water

It’s like a tamed version of Songkran.

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Looks like China is taking a leaf out of the famous Thai water festival in enforcing traffic rules

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In a bid to curb jaywalking, pedestrians in a city in central China are literally being blasted with water if they attempt to cross the road before the light turns green

Traffic authorities in Daye, Hubei province in central China recently set up short yellow posts that can detect movement when pedestrians cross the road before the light turns green as laser beam sensors set off a water mist onto those who "cross the line."

The system's voice then announces, "Please do not cross the street, crossing is dangerous," reported The Beijing News.

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The tattletale yellow posts also put jaywalkers on the "wall of shame" by capturing and displaying their picture on a large LED screen for everyone to see

Many cities in China are currently using the facial-recognition technology to identify traffic offenders and even going as far as to send texts to jaywalkers after they commit the crime.

"The machine has two systems with different functions. One is facial recognition; the other provides reminders and warnings," Wan Xinqiang, deputy head of publicity for the Daye public security bureau said according to the Straits Times.

Crossing roads in China can be extremely dangerous. Hence, the local government is trying to take preventive measures to reduce traffic jams and pedestrian accidents.

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According to the World Health Organisation, more than 700 people are killed in road accidents across China daily, with more than 260,000 road traffic deaths in 2013.

During the water-spraying system's first three days of use, fewer people crossed against the red light, according to Wan.

"To avoid the laser hurting children's eyes, we reduced the height from 1.2 meters to 0.8 meters. And because the spray is just water vapour, it will be safe for children and others," Wan said. 

"The water in the sprinklers is clean. It will be changed every day."

"If the equipment works well, we will utilise it throughout the city," Wan added.

Watch this clip of the water-spraying machines:

So, the next time you're contemplating crossing the road before the light turns green? Bring a raincoat. :P

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China seems to be pretty creative with their punishments. This is what they do to people who misuse their high beam lights:

If that's crazy to you, check out what the locals do to avoid traffic fines:

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