Chinese Employees Eat Food Out Of Urinals To Prove Their Toilet Is Clean


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We sh*t you not.

In a bid to showcase their pride in impeccable toilet sanitation practices, a Chinese company had employees eat food out of a urinal.

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A clip showing the bizarre practice has gone viral in China, receiving over 800,000 views. 

A manager from Tenfu Group in Fujian province is seen placing mochi, or glutinous rice balls, in a urinal

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Not one to lack composure even in the face of possible diarrhoea, she drizzled the dessert with some toppings before tossing it around with her bare hands.  

She then uttered these words confidently, "I've tossed it around 20 times now. Let me be the first one to eat it."

A person claiming to be a janitor of over 25 years in the company assured, "I often wash the toilets until they don’t smell anymore. If you accidentally dropped your food in the urinal, you can still pick it up and eat it."

Other workers followed suit, even throwing in a table inside the lavatory complete with a few dishes of chicken, vegetables, and soup. It was a full-on, multi-sensory feast.

Image via MailOnline

Apparently, it is a tradition for employees to get cosy over a meal in the toilet after cleaning.

The manager said they have been doing the practice for 25 years as part of a training programme

"We ask our supervisor staff to clean the toilets as part of a training programme," the deputy general manager said. "We've been doing this training for 25 years."

A quarter-century of water closet gourmet. Now that's compelling company culture.

Watch the ritual in action:

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