Chinese Man Arrested For Stealing Nearly RM7,000 On AirAsia Flight

The bag of cash dropped from his body when he was asked to stand for a body check.

Cover image via China Press

In a viral post published yesterday, 4 February, a passenger on the AirAsia flight realised that his wallets were missing from his laptop bag after getting off the aircraft

The victim, who was on a flight from Colombo to Kuala Lumpur, recalled that he left his laptop bag in the overhead bin three rows away from his seat as the one above him was already full

He had RM1,600 in one wallet and RPS85,000 (approximately RM5,100) in the other. 

In his Facebook post, the victim wrote that he was confused as to how a passenger could take money from both his wallets.

He then recalled that a suspicious-looking Chinese man was observing him as he was storing his laptop bag in the overhead bin

After informing the cabin crew and KLIA2 Airport police about his suspicions, the victim was told that the Chinese man was already being watched by the crew for standing multiple times during the flight.

The crew immediately informed the captain and went in search of the suspect. Fortunately, they found the suspect at the arrival hall, waiting for his transit to Jakarta.

Image via China Press

After an extensive search, they eventually found the victim’s cash in a black plastic bag that dropped out of the Chinese man’s body when he was asked to stand up for a body check

Initially, they could not find anything in the Chinese man’s bag. However, the victim noticed that the suspect was wearing a jacket and suspected that he might have hidden the cash in his pockets.

They demanded that he stand up for further checks, and as he did so, a black plastic bag fell from his body. In the bag were stacks of the victim’s cash. The suspect was arrested by airport police on the spot.

KLIA district ACP Zulkifli Adamsah told China Press that the Chinese man is to be held for four days until 8 February for investigation under Section 379 of Penal Code for theft.

The victim expressed his gratitude for the swift response of AirAsia's cabin crew and security, as well as the airport police

He also stated in his Facebook post that his case was the first with sufficient evidence to be filed at court, and warned others of thieves like this to avoid similar cases as such in the future.

You can read his entire Facebook post here:

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