This Man Killed His Neighbour Because She Kept Telling Him To Get Married

The bizarre incident happened on 19 January in Indonesia.

Cover image via Mulut Puaka

An Indonesian man murdered his pregnant neighbour after he became offended by her consistent questioning about his singlehood

Image via Mulut Puaka

The bizarre incident happened on 19 January in Kampung Pasir Jonge, Garut, Indonesia. 

Astro Awani and Sinar Harian reported that the 28-year-old man named Faiz Nurdin was sitting in his living room when his 32-year-old pregnant neighbour Aisyah came and talk to him. 

Aisyah then asked Faiz a question that reportedly triggered him to the extent of committing murder

"The suspect revealed that the woman asked, 'Quickly get married! Why aren't you married yet?' Those words affected him emotionally," a spokesperson for the Garut police force said.

Clearly, he was not only affected emotionally. Faiz felt insulted and took the question to heart. 

Feeling disparaged, Faiz went to Aisyah's later in the day to seek revenge. Aisyah invited him in because she didn't suspect any ulterior motive.

Image via Sinar Harian

Faiz tailed Aisyah when she was walking to the bedroom and pushed her onto the bed. The pregnant woman tried to fend Faiz off by biting his fingers but to no avail.

She was strangled to death.

After committing the deed, Faiz took off to Jakarta with 800,000 rupiah (RM230) and a handphone

Image via Mulut Puaka

He was eventually captured by the police and taken into custody for investigation. 

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