Video Shows Man In China Holding A Boy Out Of A Moving Car To Let Him Pee

A police statement said the man had not broken the law.

Cover image via South China Morning Post

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Right?

In a video that has gone viral in China, a man can be seen lifting a boy in mid-air out of a moving car's window and let him urinate in public.

The incident, happened last Sunday, 22 April, was captured by a woman travelling behind them in the city of Chengdu

Image via The Cover

"The boy was held out of the car window twice and it's about two minutes long in total," the woman told Chinese news portal The Cover.

The SUV, which was lining up in front of the red lights, can be seen moving forward while the boy is urinating outside the vehicle.

While the police said the man had not broken the law, his actions were critcised for being a "safety risk"

Image via The Cover

"The man had not violated any traffic rules based on this behaviour. But he could affect or distract other drivers' attention," a representative from the police was quoted as saying by Daily Mail

Here's the video:

Guess it's a good idea to have some empty bottles in the car...

Image via Giphy

What's up with Chinese kids and peeing in public recently?

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