Chinese Vlogger Scolds Fellow Countrymen For Embarrassing China While Travelling In M'sia

The vlogger from China pleads with his fellow countrymen to behave well while travelling aboard.

Cover image via @唐小柴吃肉肉 (Douyin)

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A Chinese travel vlogger has expressed his dissatisfaction with his fellow countrymen after witnessing their unruly behaviour while travelling in Malaysia

In a Douyin video published last week, the vlogger urged Chinese travellers not to humiliate China while vacationing in another country.

"Chinese people have been completely humiliated by you!" he began the video.

"I found out that when traveling in Malaysia, the most important thing to share with (everyone) is not travel strategies, but to remind everyone to behave.

"A lot of people I saw with behaviour problems were Chinese nationals speaking Mandarin," he shared.

The vlogger then recounted an incident in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, during firefly-watching tour. According to him, the guide repeatedly told guests not to catch the glowworms, but the instruction fell on deaf ears for several Chinese tourists.

"There was a group of four adults and three children, and they caught a bottle full of fireflies!" he exclaimed, with his partner adding, "Even the adults were helping the children catch the fireflies."

It is understood that one firefly was injured as a result of their actions. The group reluctantly released the fireflies after getting scolded by Malaysian Chinese onboard.

In another inicident, he said he witnessed a family from China repeatedly blocking other tourists who were taking photos with a mural in Penang

"A mother, daughter, and their elders completely ignored other people who were taking pictures, and stood in front of their cameras three times in a row.

"The last time they blocked someone's camera was during our turn. They rushed in and told us, 'Wait a minute.'

"Let me recite the words said by the Malaysian Chinese on the (firefly-watching) boat tour, 'If you don't know how to teach your children, don't have children.'

"You have embarrassed China!" he censured.

He ended the video by reminding all Chinese nationals on vacation to behave well because they are a reflection of their country.

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 17,000 likes

Many netizens commended the vlogger for speaking out on the issue.

One person, who identified as a former vendor in Melaka, commented, "Several Chinese tourists came in and touched every item there. There's no need to throw things around.

"I hope those arrogant Chinese tourists will (fix) their behaviour. If you ask locals here, no one likes them," they said.

"(We have) nothing against (Chinese tourists), but some people are really rude. Non-Chinese in Malaysia can't tell the difference between local Chinese and Chinese nationals. So, they'd think that we, Malaysian Chinese, are rude," one added.

"The most annoying thing is that when you criticise them, they will say that Malaysia hates China," a Douyin user wrote.

Image via Douyin

The vlogger's Douyin video can be found below:

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