Chinese Tourist Lauds M'sian Salespeople For Not Judging Her By Appearance At Luxury Mall

"It's unlike the service we receive in Shanghai, China," said the Chinese tourist.

Cover image via @181003145 (Douyin)

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A video of a Chinese tourist praising Malaysian salespeople for not judging her by appearance at a luxury mall in Kuala Lumpur has gone viral on social media

In the 30-second video posted on Douyin, China's version of TikTok, last week, the woman can be seen standing next to a pop-up store selling perfumes at the main entrance of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

"When I came here, (I realised) Malaysian salespeople don't judge people by their appearances," she begins the video.

"Despite dressing like this, they treated me warmly. They asked whether I was interested in buying... Asked me to try smelling (their perfumes), and whether I like them... Their service was so passionate."

"It's unlike the service we receive in Shanghai, China, (such as when I) try on a bag, (they will say) it doesn't match me. They look down at you, they look down at you so much!"

In the video, she pans her camera down to show that she is wearing a checkered dress and red-black sneakers.

"In Malaysia, as long as you are not naked, no one will look at what you wear," she wrote in the caption

"Unlike in China, if your clothes are remotely ragged, the salespeople will ignore you. There is no such salesperson in Malaysia."

The Chinese tourist is seen visiting various tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur in other videos. In one of them, she eats muah chee, also known as peanut mochi, describing it as "extremely delicious".

At the time of writing, her video lauding Malaysian salespeople has garnered over 11,000 likes and 1,200 comments

Instead of agreeing that Malaysian salespeople do not judge their customers based on their looks, many comments pointed out that it is a 'custom' to dress in simple clothing in the country due to the hot weather

"Haha, we have a lot of rich people in disguise. This is the normal way of life," a person said in jest.

"The dressing culture here is very similar to Guangdong. There are many rich people in flip-flops," added another Douyin user.

"Many rich people in Malaysia wear shorts and slippers (because) the country is so hot. No matter how good the clothes and shoes are, they are not as comfortable as shorts and slippers," read a comment.

"It's a habit (for the locals) to be in shorts and slippers. (We are pretty) low-key. We are just more easygoing. Of course, there are (salespeople who are) arrogant, but relatively fewer in Malaysia," said a netizen.

Image via Douyin

The video can be found below:

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